SEO and Website Optimization Tips

On Page optimization of website is the first step required to start seo for your website. On page seo is a highly critical aspect of successful seo strategy. Being an experienced  seo company in delhi we understand the importance of right techniques for on page optimization .Few tips for on page seo are provided here.
The Naming of the page is very important. Use keywords in your page. For eg: if you have a product like shoe rack name your page as shoe-rack.html
Use proper and relevant content. Try to use authentic and original content. You may also hire a content writer for this.Use Keywords in your title tag and keep the length below 64 characters.
If possible you keywords in your headings.Do not use video, flash unless required.
Do not use too many scripts.Optimize your images and keep their size low, use the alt tags as search engines read the alt tag.In the keyword meta tag use keywords related to your wep page
Write an original description for in Meta description tag


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